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Affecting everyone all over the globe, Import & Export business holds a crucial place. Countries can utilize the abundant resources in the best way due to the existence of this marketplace. Catering to the growing need, SB Intl. a Hong Kong based company has been in this business for the past 18 years. We export raw materials & resources to several countries including India, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, USA, Poland, Germany, Denmark & UK.
Being equipped with our headquarters in Hong Kong & China, we export products like
•    Food Items
•    Cosmetics
•    Fabric
•    Car Accessories
•    Furniture
•    Electronics
We at SB Intl. distribute these products into the global market. Be it Logistics specialist, compliance coordinator or global trade analyst, we have the best experienced team on board who together are helping in growing the national economies.

Importing Benefits With Us

Importing with SB Intl. comes with a lot of advantages. We purchase high-quality products from various Countries & offer it to you & other customers; thereby expanding the preferences of purchase.

Introduction of fresh products in the current market

We produce goods for the American & European market in huge numbers. These markets are massive & so is the buying power of the citizens over there. The entrepreneurs who find our products highly useful can avail our Import Services for rendering the products to the prospective customers. This helps them in fabricating good marketing strategies.

Supreme Quality Products

Manufacturing businesses can largely benefit from our importing services as our products such as car accessories & cosmetics are always of supreme quality which is highly important for their reputation. We get our products from the best factories & only professional sellers.

Exporting Benefits With Us

SB Intl. with its exporting services grants you access to manifold businesses & consumers. Some other advantages are:

An increase in revenue

With our exporting services, you can enhance profits as our foreign orders are two times bigger than that quoted by local buyers. You can purchase our products without hesitation as businesses abroad will place numerous orders that will lead to more profits. Our products are good quality & innovative as well

Sales Potential enhanced

Now enlarge your market globally & regionally by focusing on exporting with our services. With us, you can acquire more opportunities for putting forward your work internationally. You can even aim for overseas franchising with us.